Léo LeBlanc


Leo’s goal is to provide leaders key learning opportunities and equip them with the proper tools for achieving success. He believes each individual has great potential, and that respect and caring for others brings about a more supportive culture, which generates engagement and commitment. This culture also produces collaboration, which will change and grow organizations from within.
He has over 30 years of business experience helping and supporting for-profit organizations, co-operatives, non-profit, government and educational institutions and First nations’ organizations. For 15 years, he was the VP of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs for Co-op Atlantic, a $650 million organization.
 He has served two years as National President for CMC representing 9,000 co-operatives and mutuals across Canada. He has served on the Board of the Economic Development Corporation of Dieppe for 10 years helping that city become one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. He has contributed to international development projects in Africa and South America.
 Leo has earned his MBA at the University of Moncton where he has been a lecturer for 12 years.
 Leo and his staff at Co-op Atlantic have won several awards of distinction: the National CCA Governance Award, the National Working Well Magazine Workplace Health Award, National Meeting and the Incentive Travel Magazine Best meetings in Canada Award.